Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pro Cycling Wiki Leak: Pat McQuaid UCI "Gangsta"

McQuaid is seen here throwing up his set prior to a press conference.

As my very Southern wife might say, “Has he lost his damn mind?” Many would argue based on recent events that he has.  As you might remember we have random fans with mustaches in various places throughout the world.  (This is how we got the Hotel Memo from Leopard Trek.)  We were contacted again by a friend/fan of our tees in Europe.  He wanted to make a trade.  We was willing to give us the inside scoop on Pat McQuaid’s recent stay at his hotel in exchange for 2 of our tees, a tube of DZ Nuts and Bay Watch season 2 DVD set (Lots of Hof fans in the EU).  Of course, we went for that deal and this is the info we got from him.* 

McQuaid and his posse checked in and immediately ordered room service (filets, lobster, and several bottles of Hennessy and Crystal champagne).  The room service attendant said that when he arrived he saw the whole group was smoking what they refereed to as  “blunts” and watching a movie he later found out to be Menace to Society.  He overheard McQuaid speaking in an odd Irish/American Street dialect and called the cyclists and directors names like “bustas” and “punkass biaches”.  
It does appear that McQuaid is going “gansta” with his recent moves like his Open letter and using his muscle to get the riders to stand down and not protest during E3 Prijs Vlaanderen.  McQuaid had a meeting with Gianni Bugno where our man at the hotel said there were loud noises and the sound of breaking glass coming from the room. The hotel bellman claims he saw someone being held off the balcony by their feet, but this could not be confirmed. Bugno left in a hurry wearing sunglasses and sobbing. Bugno then released this as part of his statement "Promise to ask the racers to suspend the action planned for March 26th provided that you give us a sign of genuine dialogue." 
Later during his stay, while in the jacuzzi with 2 of his crew and 6 ladies, McQuaid was overheard saying, “I’m gonna make those Frenchies at the ASO deal with that little punk Conta at the Tour again.” He laughed loudly and finished with, “Im gonna wait until the last minute to file the appeal with the CAS...ya hear me?”  
His crew then all said things to the effect of “You the man Pat!”,“True Dat!”, “For real son! Pat’s runnin’ cycling!”
It appears that “OG” Pat McQuaid is rollin like Suge Knight so the riders and directors should tread lightly.  He appears to have a crew, the roads are open and the teams won’t have radios.  Bike jackings and driveby’s could happen at any upcoming race. 

*The recount by our European man on the scene, is of course all alleged
 and we do not have verification these events happened as he reported them. Our shirts are pretty sweet and so we have to hope that bought us a legit report of recent events.

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