Monday, September 24, 2012

PINK Big Wheel kit Pre-Order

We just got back from Interbike, and we had several requests to re-print our PINK Big wheel kit.  We had previously produced this kit as a MTB kit for our Off Road HBSTACHE Team and it was a big hit.  Team riders Anthony Thornton and Brandon Newcomer kept telling me about the reaction at races, but I had to see for myself.  I headed out in this kit with Brando on a long MTB ride that took us through town.  We got no less than 6 shout out on the kit (several from cars).  This T-Mobile inspired bad boy is a hit!

We decided to tweak this kit just a bit and use our classic Wheel & Stache so you can feel free to ride/race this bad boy on the road, CX or MTB.  We also made our motto WTF IS ZONE2? a bit larger.

The Facts:
The Pre-Order runs through 9/24-9/29.  
Limited time PRE-ORDER special $80 for the jersey $100 for the bibs.  (Regular price $90 jersey/$125 bibs)
Available in Race cut in both Men's and Women's
We are the manufacturer of this kit.  We work directly with the factory to produce it.
Size chart is listed per item on the site

If you want it jump on it!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Ask me about Lance T-shirt

It might be the road rash from Weds crash or pain pill that seems to have acted like a double shot of espresso...but I am awake @ 3AM.  Of course Social Media is a blaze with Lance stories, reaction, and speculation.  

As I was surfing Netflix content I realized what I dreaded most about this whole event.  I dread the ball and bat ESPN types wanting to chat with me about Lance.  If you're a cyclist, you know many of the chats are coming.  The ESPN crowd doesn't know the history of the sport, the danger involved or the immense suffering these athletes endure.  Our Babe Ruth the great Eddie Merckx, tested positive two times but they don't know that.  They think drugs in cycling started when it did in their sports, sometime between Lyle Alzado and Barry Bonds. Other sports have bigger issues they have felons making millions Michael Vick, Leonard Little, Donte' Stallworth for example.  But, they will want to talk about Lance and doping.... 

We received some tweets in the last few weeks for a shirt like this.  I think it might be time we make it.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to have one of those "chats" with someone that doesn't even know the history of OUR sport.  

Available in Men's and Women's sizes: 

For the record our stance on Lance, cycling, it's history and why we love our bikes hasn't changed.  See previous blogs for our take:

Stratton from Ritte nails it with his take here:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FUCANCER limited edition order

Our Limited Edition SPECIAL is $185 if you order the entire kit. $80 for the jersey by itself. (regular price for similar items on our site is $90 for the jersey and $125 for the bibs) 

On this limited edition order we are offering race cut in both men's or women’s sizing. 

The kit is made by BPC Apparel BPC Size chart (Their chart is metric)

LIMTED TIME TO ORDER June 19th-30th 

* We will donate $4 per item (jersey and bib) to a cause we care about

Friday, June 15, 2012

Burning down Lance and Johan might get you more than you wanted.

As USADA Travis Tygart  ties the noose and the Anti-LA and Anti- Johann crowds grab their pitch forks, a few things might have been missed.  I keep hearing phrases like "The truth is needed" and "We need to know", but keep in mind, the "Truth" that is found might not just impact Lance and Johan.   If a blanket is thrown over everyone that rode for Johan some "good guy" fan favs will also be pulled in - below is a list of riders (not including Astana, Shack and  Lance's LIVESTRONG developmental team).  If you want to see Lance go down that bad, is it worth seeing Christian, Dave Z, Ryder, Levi, George, Tom Boonen get pulled in as well? Don't forget Jonathan Vaughters, did he "learn from the master" how to put up a good PR front and have a program? Chris Carmichael would have been in the know as well, so that means all his athletes need to be looked at.  No way you say, many a TV evangelst has been proven to be living separate lives.

Say whatever you want about Johan, but no can argue his eye for talent.  From Tom Boonen to Alberto Contador the guy knew who was gifted.  He found them and groomed them on his team.
It sounds like the USADA is trying to prove Bruyneel has a high tech, systematic program going on his team since 98.  If that was the case, it means the "good guy" types that everyone likes knew and did it, too.

Love or hate the way MLB, the NFL and FIFA try to handle their business, but they try to avoid digging up bones and dredging up history. Why?  Pretty simple - it's bad for business! If the intention of the USADA is to have US cycling fans deeply question every win from 98 until the present, it might happen.  Is that good for the industry...?

Some will say it is for the purity of the sport etc. but, lets not forget these are humans and they make mistakes.  In cycling they have been making mistakes since the turn of the century and will continue to do so.  The goal should be to lessen the chances of the current riders to make bad decisions.

* Before anyone asks if I am okay with doping and "cheating" let me say, I would like a clean sport as much as anyone. I am just realistic about the history of the sport and the "GREATS" that did dope like Merckx, Coppi, and Anquetil. The playing fields have always been equal and those that won did win on the road. Let he who can prove he never took the needle be the first one to contest a result!

Bonus Quiz:

Take a rider and fill in the blanks...did they ride for ______ (Saiz, Riis, Johan, Lelangue) did they work with _______ (Ferrari, Fuentez, etc) _______  Do they train with or were they friends with______ (fill in any rider that has been suspended).  Did their results jump up drastically in one season in a discipline_____ (TT, climbing etc) or as a GC contender?

Former members of U.S. Postal

Lance Armstrong United States1998–2004
Frankie Andreu United States1998–2000
José Azevedo Portugal2004
Dariusz Baranowski Poland1998
Michael Barry Canada2002–2004
Tom Boonen Belgium2000–2002
Jamie Burrow United Kingdom2000
Dylan Casey United States1999–2002
David Clinger United States2002
Michael Creed United States2004
Antonio Cruz United States2001–2004
Julian Dean New Zealand1999–2000
Pascal Derame France1998–1999
Viatcheslav Ekimov Russia1997–2004
David George South Africa1999–2000
Chad Gerlach United States1996
Eddy Gragus United States1995–1997
Tyler Hamilton United States1996–2000
Andrew Hampsten United States1996
Roberto Heras Spain2001–2003
Ryder Hesjedal Canada2004
George Hincapie United States1997–2004
Frank Høj Denmark1999
Marty Jemison United States1998–1999
Patrick Jonker Australia2000
Steffen Kjærgaard Norway2000–2003
Damon Kluck United States2003
Kenny Labbé United States2000–2004
Floyd Landis United States2002–2004
Juan Llaneras Rosello Spain1998
Levi Leipheimer United States2000–2001
Kevin Livingston United States1999–2000
Glenn Magnusson Sweden1999
Chann McRae United States2002
Peter Meinert-Nielsen Denmark1998–1999
Gianpaolo Mondini Italy2002
Kirk O'Bee United States2000
Víctor Hugo Peña Colombia2001–2004
Daniel Rincón Colombia2004
Jean-Cyril Robin France1998
Sven Teutenberg Germany1998
Christian Vande Velde United States1998–2003
Jonathan Vaughters United States1998–1999
Cédric Vasseur France2000
Stive Vermaut Belgium2000
Robbie Ventura United States2003–2004
Anton Villatoro Guatemala1996–1998
Matt White Australia2001–2003
Dave Zabriskie United States2003–2004