Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Ask me about Lance T-shirt

It might be the road rash from Weds crash or pain pill that seems to have acted like a double shot of espresso...but I am awake @ 3AM.  Of course Social Media is a blaze with Lance stories, reaction, and speculation.  

As I was surfing Netflix content I realized what I dreaded most about this whole event.  I dread the ball and bat ESPN types wanting to chat with me about Lance.  If you're a cyclist, you know many of the chats are coming.  The ESPN crowd doesn't know the history of the sport, the danger involved or the immense suffering these athletes endure.  Our Babe Ruth the great Eddie Merckx, tested positive two times but they don't know that.  They think drugs in cycling started when it did in their sports, sometime between Lyle Alzado and Barry Bonds. Other sports have bigger issues they have felons making millions Michael Vick, Leonard Little, Donte' Stallworth for example.  But, they will want to talk about Lance and doping.... 

We received some tweets in the last few weeks for a shirt like this.  I think it might be time we make it.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to have one of those "chats" with someone that doesn't even know the history of OUR sport.  

Available in Men's and Women's sizes: 

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