Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pro Cycling 2011- Checking in before our favorite races

As the Ronde (our favorite) and Roubaix (close 2nd) approach us like Spartacus on the attack, we wanted to recap recent races and happenings in Pro Cycling.

The most amazing cycling pic of the year so far, is actually not an action shot. This picture of Japanese champion Tikashi Miyazawa is simply amazing.  The picture says so much about what is going on in Japan. Tikashi is also taking part in an auction to help raise money for relief efforts in Japan.

Matthew Goss has quickly become one of our favorite riders!  One week he is right at the front protecting Tony Martin in the horrible weather at Paris Nice, then a week later he is winning la Primavera.  It takes a very unique rider to be able to make it over the climbs and still be in the front to sprint for a win.  HTC seems like they are far and away the best team so far this year.  Bob Stapleton now has his Cav. replacement, if he ever decides the Missle needs to shoot off to Team Sky.  We do believe that Cav and Renshaw are faster than Goss, but we know he can be there at the end of races when they can't. We would pick Goss as one of our riders to build around if we could start a team tomorrow. If he decides that he wants to win Liege, The Ronde or another race with a challenging course, he can and will do so.  We would love to see Fabian vs Goss vs Boonen in the final K of the Ronde!  If you're near the HTC team vehicle and want to locate Matt Goss's bike, just look for the one that says Bad Mutha F@$%*& on it!

Thomas de Gent was fun to watch at Paris Nice!  He was fighting to keep his jersey and making some very cheeky moves to pick up a few seconds.  We are very glad that he gave his team something to cheer about in the middle of "Cobra gate part deux"

Still shocked by the lack of wins by LEOPARD TREK (capitalized, per their memo) they have been up there with Fabian at San Remo etc...but Eurocar has more meaningful wins so far.  Is this team the Miami Heat of Pro Cycling? If we reach the middle of April with no big's time to get worried!

Pat McQuaid (the Charlie Sheen of cycling) having the stones/lack of common sense to mess with Jens?  Really? This is hands down the WTF moment of the year so far for us.  Have you ever met anyone in or around cycling that doesn't like and RESPECT Jens Voigt? Yeah, neither have we!  For McQuaid to take shots at a figure like Jens in his "open letter" was another sign he is losing control of the sport. The fight over radio bans and new cycling leagues being plotted have to be keeping McQuaid up at night.

Just when we were sure the Giro Prolight helmet was our pick for Fugliest helmet in the peloton we have a new contender. Orbea has a new line of helmets with that "I come in peace" alien look to them. Not a fan of most things Spanish and we can add these to the list!

"My name is Gorka and I come in peace."

Thanks for reading! We are looking forward to the next few weeks and all the racing over bergs and cobbles! We expect much more Pat McQuaid wacked out rants as well!

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