Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's the Ronde Damn it!

Out of respect to the Flemish people and the race, we will refer to the Ronde Van Vlaanderen as well...the Ronde and not the Tour of Flanders. We would not want them to call the Super Bowl something like Buuwel Van Suvvpper (just guessing since I was unable to locate an English to Flemish translator.  They have online English to Luxembourgish or Hmong but not Flemish).

So obviously, Fabian, "Swiss Machine", is the favorite, but we are wondering if you think anyone of these people/things can derail him.

1. Boonen:  Looks like the knee is solid, no police incidents, no blow and he just won Gent Wevelgem. He also has the strong team card to play, like he has in previous years with Chavanel.  We're pretty sure Boonen and his Quick Step team are pulling for the radio ban, since they have Capt. D-bag Lefevere in their ears.  If he doesn't get caught taking a drink again, you think he can hang onto Fabian when he attacks?

2. Mechanical/problem (flat, broken chain, crash)?  Fabian puts out crazy power - add in cobbles and 20% gradients, it is a lot of stress on his ride.  If he snaps another chain, flats at the wrong time or ends up on the ground (he might break the cobbles not the other way around) no one will be waiting.   I know Conta is not in the race, but you know what I mean - This is a 1 day race

3. Philipe Gilbert:  He is a Belgian (a Walloon, but still) and he wants to win this race for King and Country and all of that.  We have no question he will put in an attack and if things play out, he might be able to make it.

4. Matthew Goss: Want a dark horse? Matthew Goss is Belgian at heart, and he is a flat out fast!  Not sure if you have noticed but he is showing the world he is a force to be reckoned with!  He is not scared of weather or climbs as he proved in Paris Nice, and he can out sprint Fabian if he has the chance.

* Our heart forces us to include Stijn Devolder - who know if he has the form to win, but we had to include him.  He will don the finest threads in the peloton, and that Belgian Champions kit will give him wings like 4 Red Bulls, a double purple nurple and slap on the ass!

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