Saturday, October 22, 2011

What the stars of Pro Cycling are think about 2012

The dust has finally settled for the big teams and big names (except for the foot gas/dust for Geox as pictured on their jersey).  I think we might have a pretty good idea what they are thinking about 2012.  So here is our take on the things running through their head.

Cadel Evans:

-I won the Tour and now I have less riders to defend me?
-Gilbert & Thor are kidding me?
-So is Thor gonna look for the green jersey and go on all day break aways?  Is Phillipe gonna try to win every race again?
-This is GREAT...I am gonna rip someone's head off this year!
-Hey Contador how did that Tour treat you, mate?

Alberto Contador:

-Wow!  I love Under 17 World Cup soccer now!  So glad they all tested positive for eating bad meat.
-Having the Schlecks working with Johan is a interesting, but unless he has Lance sneak into the start house for them,  they still suck on a TT bike.
-Bjarne GO GET COBO or MENCHOV or both!!!
- It was the bad meat!
- Pistols are so cool! Finger Bang!
- I will have the chicken
- I am clean...I am clean....I am clean...
- I am the best!

Andy Schleck:

-I hope I still get to race every race with Frank.
-I really want to win the Tour or get 2nd as long as Frank is on the podium with me.
-I hope Johan is not like Bjarne - yelling at me and telling what to do & how to win.
-Next year's Tour route sucks! Too much time on that weird bike with the disc wheel.

Frank Schleck:

-I hope I still get to race every race with Andy.
-I really want to see Andy win the Tour or get 2nd as long as I am on the podium with him.
-I hope Johan is not like Bjarne - yelling at me and telling what to do & how to win.
-Next year's Tour route sucks! Too much time on that weird bike with the odd handlebars.

Phillipe Gilbert:

-I look good, the bike will look good & I will win every race I enter.
-Cadel & Thor? What about them?  



Johan Bruyneel:

-The Schlecks need to HTFU 
-Frank & Andy should get really used to being seperated.
-I will take so many leaders to the TDF that we can crash everyday and still be on the podium!
-We might as well win!

Bjarne Riis:

-I have Contador...
-I will steal some more races like the Ronde.....Muuuumuuuuhhhaaaa
-The Schlecks are soft
-Contador is on my team
-This bad meat excuse is actually gonna work...that was a close call!
-I hate Johan & his "super team" 
-Alberto Effin Contador rides for me!
-I am the best DS ever....I won the Tour with Sastre...WHO?  Yes, Sastre!
-You can't win Roubaix on a Trek so Fabian is screwed!

Juan Jose' Cobo:

-Maybe I should not have been smiling on the Angliru?  Was that a bit much considering my past and poor season so far?  Think that had something to do with Geox folding?
-I kinda liked the shoe farting on the front of our jersey!


-What the F*ck this some bloddy bull shit Cavendish on my team...WHAT THE HELL?
-How am I gonna win the Tour with that little hobbit trying to win the green jersey?  
-Does anyone have any taller socks? I want to take it up to my knee cap for 2012.

Jonathan Vaughters:
- How do my sideburns look?
- I hate Johan
- I am the smartest person ever in or around cycling
- How does my shirt look?
- I hate Lance?
- Anything we do at Garmin is better
- I miss Wiggo
- How do my trousers look?
- Bradley come back 
- I hate the UCI
- How do my loafers look?

Mark Cavendish:

- I am the fastest man in the world!
- I feel like I might cry
- The difference between myself and Wiggo is that I win, he just talks about how he might win.
- Sky is MY new team!
- I am feeling like I might shed a tear
- I am so bloody fast on my bike!
2012 should be an epic & entertaining year in Pro Cycling!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


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