Friday, July 22, 2011

TT showdown: Lanky Lux vs Spirited Aussie should be epic!

Andy will be in the start house in the Maillot Juane.  The question is will he have it on later in the day?  Cadel is one of the best Time Trialists in the world and seems to be in the best form of his career. He has also shown us that he can avoid bad luck for a full 3 weeks.  Andy is not built like a time trailist, doesn't look the part, has not performed well in TT's past.  All that said the same was said about Sastre vs Evans in 08.  Some how someway Sastre was able to put in the TT of his life to keep the jersey.  The only thing we are sure of is that one of these "brides maids" is FINALLY getting hitched.

Here are some recent battles that happened at the end of the TDF (Floyd vs Oscar, Marco vs Jan).  It doesn't always end as you would expect, so we are excited to see how it turns out!  Take our poll on the upper right of this page to let us know how you think it will turn out!

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