Thursday, February 24, 2011

White FUCANCER kit pre-order

Our 3rd FUCANCER kit is designed and ready for production.  We have 2 options, the Belgian blue or White for our summer/warm weather version of the FUCANCER kit.  We plan to produce the one with the most pre-orders. We also ugraded the chamois to the endurance chamois.
Our PRE-ORDER SPECIAL is $185 if you order the entire kit. $80 for the jersey by itself. (We will be selling it on the site for $90 for the jersey and $125 for the bibs) On the site we will be selling club cut jerseys only.

* We will donate $3 per item (jersey or short) to LIVESTRONG
On this pre-order we will offer race or club cut. The kit is made by Champion Systems (their club cut is a slim club cut)
Please let us know if you would like to order by 3/1/11 (email us at
Take Care,
Hbstache crew

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