Thursday, January 5, 2012

NEW Handlebar Mustache kits PRE-ORDER

We have 2 new kits to offer in this limited PRE-ORDER.  Buy 'em now these are limited edition! THESE WILL NOT BE OFFERED AFTER THE PRE-ORDER.

 The jerseys are Pre-Order priced @ $80 & the bibs @ $100 (Jan 5th-Jan 12th)

 These are available in either race or club cut/ Men's or Women's sizes XS-XXL

Buy NOW:

Vintage Plaid Wheel & Stache:

Vintage wheelmen meets lycra with some plaid mixed in (tartan is light blue, kelly green & yellow)!  This is the 1st time we are using our new penny farthing Wheel & Stache logo:

Pink Knobby Tire Wheel & Stache:

We were long time fans of the T-Mobile kits! With personal plans to race on dirt more this year, we thought, what would Jan Ulrich wear if he was tearing up single track? BOOM!    

(Includes our personal motto: WTF is ZONE 2? on the sleeve & lower back)

A portion of the sales from each kit will go to Ride For Reading! 

Buy NOW: @

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