Friday, July 15, 2011


We have been asked since our 1st version of the FUCANCER kit if we would do one in pink.  We have been thinking on it for quite a while, and inspired by the old Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile kits of Ullrich, Kloden and Erik Zabel, we went to the drawing board.  We wanted something men and women would want to wear.  Pink is synonymous with the fight against Breast Cancer and the those affected by that disease. Anyone that has had a family member or friend touched by breast cancer will always look at the color pink differently. We feel we have achieved a combo that honors the strength of those taking on breast cancer and the legendary cycling team. We will be donating $2 per item to LIVESTRONG and $2 per item to Susan G. Komen. We hope that you like the PINK version of the FUCANCER kit and it helps you express the way you feel about the disease.
A few details we want to point out as we are not sure the pictures make them obvious.  The white sleeve and back section have a small light gray FUCANCER print.  The stripes on the neck and jersey pocket are pink, white, and gray.
Our PRE-ORDER SPECIAL is $185 if you order the entire kit. $80 for the jersey by itself. (We will be selling it on the site for $90 for the jersey and $125 for the bibs) On the site we will be selling race cut jerseys only.
* We will donate $4 per item (jersey or short) $2 to LIVESTRONG/$2 to Susan G.
On this pre-order we will offer race or club cut mens or women’s sizing. The kit is made by Champion Systems other jersey styles are an option (sleeveless, long sleeve, skin suite etc. email us for a price)
Please let us know if you would like to order by 7/29/11 order online @  or (email us at
Take Care,
Hbstache crew

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