Monday, June 20, 2011

Crushing hills on the Bosberg

Gotta say, having lived/ridden in a place with only rollers for over a decade I'm kinda built for them. I love the big climbs and can hang in there, but a KOM on one of the big climbs in Boulder is not in the cards for me.  That said aboard my Ritte Van Vlaanderen Bosberg wearing our white FUCANCER I am 314% sexier and roughly 9.5% faster!  I pretty much crush rolling hills, like Tom Boonen does eighteen year old models...umm okay maybe a better way to say it would be like Gilbert dropping the Schlecks bros!

Here is the Strava link from my 2nd KOM this week:

So I do want to admit to physiological doping... but I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

So If you object to my use of the Bosberg or our Euro Sexy white FUCANCER kit, I will have Stratton stab you in the face with his tire..."Litterly"

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