Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The 3rd version of our FUCANCER kit just came in and it SOLD OUT!  We are looking to re-order and wanted to extend the pre-order pricing one more time! 
Our PRE-ORDER SPECIAL is $185 if you order the entire race cut kit. $80 for the jersey by itself. (We will be selling it on the site for $90 for the jersey and $125 for the bibs) We can also add other items like sleeveless jerseys, vest, jackets, skin suits, etc. Accessories such as warmers, socks will not be included in the order.

* We will donate $3 per item (jersey or short) to LIVESTRONG, The kit is made by Champion Systems. Pre-orders must be received by 6/03/11. (email us at info@hbstache.com)
Take Care,
Hbstache crew

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