Monday, April 4, 2011

Prefontaine is on, and it reminded me why Vaughters comments bugged so many fans

Those of us that love to see an athlete take a dig, have a go etc. We are the ones that think Prefontaine's choice to run for 1st and not medal was amazing. What we want to see is someone take a risk as Millar did last year not ride for 7th. That's the little thing that bothered people about Garmin's choice yesterday.

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  1. What's bothered me about Vaughters' comments is all the bold talk in January, February, and March (I specifically remember an interview in which he stated that other teams are "f*cked" because Garmin lines up a team for a race with riders who can win based on how the race plays out). Now, when push comes to shove, his team can't deliver and it typically doesn't. Vaughters is a mediocre DS at best who has difficulty gameplanning, reading, and adjusting in a race. They ALWAYS seem to play their cards too early in a race. He should save the bold talk until his team actually shows it can win a race where the other teams best riders show up.