Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to make your ride hotter than Tom Bonnen's Lambo!

I have to admit many dollars were misspent in my youth on cars.  It was my 2nd passion and I had a blast (almost died a few times, but still had a blast). I might have even dropped lines like the horrible quote from Dom in Fast and Furious "I live my life a quarter mile at a time".  I made a clean break from that part of my life and have been driving very normal "tame" cars for 11 years.  I now spend all my "extra" money on bikes and I get healthier while doing it.

Do I ever miss turning heads at a stop light?  Do I miss the looks of envy in a parking lot...on occasion.  Now I have that back, and for only $3! 

What did I do to my 07 base model Subura Imprezza to make it hotter than Tom Boonen's Lambo with a 17 year old hottie in the passenger seat?  How did I make my car 312% sexier? 

I dropped on a few of these stickers from the guys at Ritte Van Vlaanderen and instantly my car could wear this license plate (probably won't but, it could!)  I have to keep the doors locked at all times to keep the young ladies from piling in.  What will happen when I add my Bosberg to the roof rack?  I'll let you know when it arrives in early 2011!

Want to make anything sexier and much more Belgian? Here is the place

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