Sunday, November 7, 2010

Asking the real HARD ? about the NEW Lemond Trainer

Everywhere I turn, I continue to see ads for the NEW Lemond Fitnesss Trainer with claims like "Makes roller style trainers obsolete".  I know some of you are fans and will not like this post (that said, according to twitter that # is around 4,670, about 1/2 the # of people that follow @wholefoods ATX location).   But, I just want to explain where my brain goes when I see the phrase "Lemond Fitness".
The terms Lemond and Fitness are pretty far apart in my mind.  Sure, in the early 90's, the two terms went together very well. Now, not so much. Even infomercial guys like Tony Little seem to keep their mullets in good order and stay "in shape". 

Howie Mandel hair care products? No that doesn't work.

Floyd Landis - Whiskey based recovery drink...Not a good idea

How about Kathleen Turner lingerie? NOPE, can't imagine many ladies would be looking to pick up Kathleen Turner branded sexy undies these days.  It has been a LONG time since Romancing the Stone.  And  HD is not doing her any favors.

Greg is not the picture of fitness these days.  Perhaps a bit of time, maybe 14-20 hrs a week, on the device he is hocking could help him look more like the owner of a fitness company (I would also suggest a sweet mullet pony tail thing like Tony Little). I'm sure it is a good device, but I think I will pass.

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