Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reasons to Grow your MO

It's Movember Eve time to grow a MO for Men's health. That should be reason enough to begin nuturing your lip rug, but we figured you could use a few other reasons. Join our team at

RIP Marco, the best climbing stache in cycling history!

1. Chic's dig a Mustache...Tom Seleck and Burt Reynolds know the power of a MO and they are still using this power with the ladies (maybe older ladies but, still ladies!)
2. If you get pulled over there is a good chance the Cop/Highway Patrolman has the same stache and might just give you a warning.
3. Your teenage son probably can't grow one even if he wanted to (and he does want one, even if he says he doesn't)
4.  Your grandfather probably had one...rock one for him.
5. Great cycling Stache's - Pantani, Cozza, Zabriskie and the Jacques-Maynes bros!
6. While you grow your Mo you will notice parent's moving their teenage daughters away from you as you walk through a mall.  But, you will get mad love from the Fixie guy at the coffee shop.
7. Even if your not that fashionable, you can now feel better about shopping at Urban Outfitters
9. You can use uber 70's pick up line's, i.e. "Mustache rides for $1" which will work 1 time out 9,875 times.
10. Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp had one was cooler than those cats!

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